Venice, Italy

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Piazza San Marco

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Attacking of the killer pigeons Birds and more birds

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Around Veneza (Venice)

Bacino Canal Bacino Canal Bacino Canal Gondolas going down the canal Degli along the Bacino Canal Walkway (degli) along the Bacino Canal Anna in Venice, with the hat she bought
House along one of the canals that has a nice Chandelier one of many churches
Utility truck for the Phone Company Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
shopping for watercolors pictures shopping for watercolor paintings
statue along the Bacino Canal statue along the Bacino Canal
statue along the Bacino Canal
Giuseppe Sirtori Isacco Pesaro Maurogonato Jacopo Castelli

gondola in a canal Looking at piazza San Marco through the arch way

One of many Mask shops

canal Gondolas going down the canal Chiesa di S. Stefano Chiesa (Church) di S. Stefano
Grand Canal looking out towards the bay
Grand Canal
Grand Canal Look at the flowers Statue of a Lion with wings The statue of Daniele Manin, in Campo Manin, in the centre of the San Marco region. Manin led the 1848 uprising in the city, and stands gazing towards the house where he once lived. A winged lion leans against the foot of the statue. Campo Morosini gia S. Stefano Nicoḷ  Tommaseo, I Veneziani, XXII MARZO MDCCCLXXXII Nicoḷ Tommaseo, The Veneziani, 22 MARCH 1882 Ragioneria Provinciale dello stato inside the Ragioneria
A great parking place with nice veiw to wait for great price ferry to Venice, from Fusina
waiting for the boat to come, in Fusina
waiting for the boat in Fusina

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