Friends and Other things

A new page I added is just for Bart Page


Mike and his dad

These fish were caught on Lake Bistineau, La., by Mike and his Dad


Bart, me, Brad
Hurting, after the ride
Bart, me, Bradon, Jason, and Brad
? bullrider Bart riding
Behind the Chutes Bart, Brad, Jason Brad getting ready
Brad with a concusion


Mardi Gras
Becky, Tara, Rick drunkguy, Rick, Tara Chuck, Rick's back, Tara Stella wrap in Flag Chuck and Stella Becky, Tara, Rick, Stella Tara, Chuck, Stella, Rick


? and Bart Rick


Becky and Chico?sp? Tara on a Horse 1st time Mr. T
These were taken at the Rollin' River Ranch, the ranch is no longer there.


something in my head

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