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Nice old Sail boat Nice old Sail boat

Scaliger Castle
"The original fort was supposedly built by the Lombards. Destroyed in 590 and later rebuilt after the Hungarian invasions, the castle became part of the large estates of the bishops of Verona. Between 1277 and 1387 it belonged to the Della Scala family, and up until 1403 it was owned by the Visconti family. From 1405 to 1797 - apart from the decade starting in 1506 - it belonged to the Venetian Republic. The French owned the castle during the days of Napoleon. From 1798 to 1866 the Austrians took over the castle and also did extensive renovations. The castle was declared a national monument on August 22, 1902. Today it houses a small museum dedicated to the territory of Lake Garda and especially to the rocks, fossils, flora and fauna of the Mount Baldo area. "
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Display inside Castle

Birds on display Small deer Owl

Views from the top of the castle and sides

Beach Beach rocky shore

Monte Baldo

looking up

long ride up

looking down at the halfway point looking down at the halfway point looking up

Becky and Anna

Nice place to have a house

Cows cows

Around town

Just fot off the boat


Playing Playing What is that A.J. Kids playing

Still no Boat Port

relaxing What you doing? waiting

lake and mountians lake and mountians lake and mountians

tired boy,Aj


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