Italian FlagMaderno

Becky & the kids port in background

This is nice little town, located on the eastern side of Lago di Garda (Lake Garda). We went here one Saturday afternoon, for dinner and take a look around. We ate dinner in nice little resturant, that appeared to ran by a few sisters and daughters. The couldn't get enough of A.J. and Anna.
On to the pictures.
Looking across the port Looking across the port

The church below is The Church of St. Andrea was uilt in the 12th century, on the ruins of a paleochristian temple. I was unable to go inside due to the time of day we showed up.
Church of St. Andrea Church of St. Andrea

This is the statue in front of (I think it is) the "Church of S. Ercolano".
Statue of Saint Herculanus? Statue of Saint Herculanus? Statue of Saint Herculanus?

Another Statue in town
Misc. Pictures around town.
Looking across port Looking out Getting ready for the race


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